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Ever wondered what happens when Planet Earth meets the Ghost World? Well, here is an interesting story with funny situations of two ghosts- Thakela & Pakela guided by their mentor- Bhoot Boss. However, this one comes with an exciting twist. And that is when both, Thakela & Pakela are asked to control wrong activities happening on Planet Earth. The story is full of their antics while failing to do so!
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Meet the leader of the pack, who is in-charge of Paap-o-meter and is responsible for bringing down the levels of paap that happen on Earth. He mentors Thakela & Pakela who are often asked to bring down the paap levels of Earth.


Thakela is the super-lazy, junior ghost who works for Bhoot Boss and is an associate of Pakela. He is an adorable looking chap who loves to sleep, and if given a choice, will sleep for days. With so much sleeping, he gets so lazy that he cribs if he has a duty call to attend. 


Pakela is an equally lazy but a witty junior ghost who works for Bhoot Boss and is Thakela’s partner in peace. Just like his fellow buddy, even Pakela gets all cranky when he has to attend a call of duty. He always tries to overtake Thakela but fails miserably. 

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